Monday, 28 January 2013

Into the Closet | 'Kayley' Ring!

Hey guys, sorry for the long break there. I'm getting back into a new semester and doing loads of work for various things including blogging for the new girl power project, Wonderly! I'll link in there in case you're interested, but won't go into it too much more as I'm planning on talking about it all over the internet in the coming weeks. Anyway, onto the post. 

A few months ago, Name Necklace contacted me asking if there was anything I'd like to get from the site and then review for you guys. As someone who has a strange enough name that there has never been a single keychain, magnent or shot glass with my name on it, I got really excited at the prospect and look how cool it turned out! I chose a ring because they are my favourite and it was definitely the right choice. 

The ring is really good quality, sterling silver and fits nicely (I'm a size 6/N, I believe!) They would also make really great gifts, I think. Having just popped over to their website, they're really promoting their jewellery for Valentine's Gifts, which would be a pretty cool gift idea, I'd say! And, my lovely readers, I have a little discount for you*. If you use the code 'KAYLEY' at check out, you'll receive a 10% discount. Pretty nice of them to give my readers/viewers that! Everything is fairly reasonably priced for what it is, so definitely take advantage of the extra bargain if you so wish. 

Let me know in the comments if you have anything monogrammed in your jewellery collection! Talk to you guys soon x

* It should be noted that I receive no commission or compensation in any form through the links or discounts in this post. :)


  1. I have a necklace that I got for Christmas with my name on it. I have a common name of Sarah, so there is everything from keychains to cups and things with my name on it. I like the idea of a ring though with a name on it, haven't seen one of those.

  2. I love jewellery with names on. That ring is beautiful. My name is too unusual (Tesni) so I can't get anything in normal shops so this is a great website! Only place I've seen my name in real life is in the Museum of Welsh Life - in the baby names book!

  3. The only monogrammed jewellery I own is a little scrabble tile necklace with my initials - because 'Megan' is Welsh, it can be tough getting personalised stuff elsewhere. Still, the ring is gorgeous, what a cute little gift idea. I'd love to get something similar for my Mum, maybe... I'll have to scramble some ideas together before her birthday!

  4. Like you, I have an uncommon name, so it's difficult for me to find anything. I can only find things that have the name Jane on it, which is close enough, but it would still be nice to have my actual name.