Let it first be noted that I am far from a professional blogger. I did not start blogging with the intension of getting paid or sent anything. I started blogging because I thought it would accompany my videos nicely to have an outlet for photos and individual reviews. That being said, I have been offered products and sponsorship opportunities from time to time and, yes, I have accepted very few of them. (I'm incredibly picky because I know what I like!) Why not? It gives me a chance to test things for you guys, let you know what I think and maybe you'll find a new product you love.
However, I would never lie about my feelings towards something and I would never recommend anything that I did not love. There is nothing to be gained from that and, honestly, I have never even been approached by a company only looking for a good review. (There seems to be this idea floating around that companies are only looking for mindless, positive reviews. In actuality, once I get sent something, they normally don't really follow-up, regardless of the type of review.) Additionally, I sometimes use affiliate links, but only ever link to sites that I would use myself. I am not here to scam you or mislead you and I don't know what anyone gains from doing these things.
So, the long and the short of it is that if I get sent something, it will be marked with an * and if I post something with sponsored content, you'll know about it. I'll be sure to make a note of it. But just always know that I am not here to make money and so I never do anything on my blog or in my videos with money in mind. This is my hobby. Others knit, I blog. :)

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