Monday, 8 April 2013

Instadventures in Scotland

Jenners department store by night, my shadow, favourite new Topman jumper, new opal & turquoise rings, flowers at Liam's parents house, Edinburgh sunset with snowy hills in the distance, outfit of the day, uni notebooks & the train ride back (Alnmouth, I believe. Really want to stop here at some point).

How much do you hate me for this title? It was too ridiculous to not use! Anyway, I go up to Scotland quite frequently. Edinburgh is is one of my favourite cities and sort of feels like a fourth home, right after Seattle, Disneyland & London. It reminds me so much of my beloved Washington (State), but with so much more history and charm. This time, I was lucky and got to spend about a week & a half up north, going between Edinburgh, the Stirling area & even a little bit of Coatbridge* for the first time. Sorry this isn't what I normally post here, but I figured I'd share nonetheless. I'm always inspired by other peoples' instagrams & accompanying blog posts, so I figured that I would give it a go! If you want to follow me on instagram, you can find me at @kayleyhyde

*Fun fact, the ONLY place open on Sunday in Coatbridge, aside from the church, was Subway. The entire rest of the high street was shut. It was so strange. 

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