Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Glam Bag | June 2013

I gotta say, I've tried my fare share of beauty subscription services over the last couple of years, but one that I have never managed to bring myself to cancel is  Glam Bag/Ipsy bag. It's the cheapest one, only $10 with shipping included, always gives products that match my skin tone/hair colour/etc and doesn't send dumb things like hand soap. Seriously, I've been sent so many silly hang soap samples in boxes, what's with that? Anyway, I just thought I'd show you what I got in my bag this month! 

J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Creme Palette in 'Volta'
I freaking love glitter. Especially since I am heading off to a convention to see loads of my friends this weekend, this glitter is definitely going to get used. From only having swatched it, I can tell you that this is a really strange product. There is no base colour to the creme. It's just a sheer/invisible creamy texture with TONS of glitter in it. Which I suppose it nice for layering it over shadows and such!
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
These types of pencils are supposed to be fantastic for brightening the eyes, but I have never really bothered with one. This one seems really nice and smooth, though, so I will give it a try!
NYX Creme Blush in 'Natural'
Probably my favourite product in the bag this month. I never really buy blush, so I really like when it's in these sort of things. I've heard loads of great things about NYX creme blushes and people were definitely telling the truth. This is super creamy  a gorgeous colour for my skin tone and I will definitely be using this a lot this summer. 
Starlooks Lip Pencil in 'Bare'
I'm not much for lip liner or nude lips, so I don't think this one will get much use by me. However, this is totally a colour my mom would love. Passing it off to her! (Which, by the way, is another thing I love about these services. Gives you a chance to give friends/family products that don't suit you, but that they may love!)
Cailyn Cosmetics Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In in Purple
I used to use gel eyeliners all of the time. I was a MAC Fluidline girl all of the way. However, lately I have gravitated towards using eyeshadows. It'll be nice to go back a bit! Also, the swatch from this one is STILL on my hang hours later after multiple hand washes. So. Colour me impressed. 

That's all this month, other than the awesome cosmetic bag, of course. I have so many of these things now. I'll have to set up my own makeup bag store pretty soon. To subscribe to Ipsy, you can click here! This post wasn't sponsored, by the way, I just seriously dig these thangs! 

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  1. Love Ipsy. I was so pleased with the products this month and I'm totally in love with the cream blush. I've used it pretty much every day since I got it!