Friday, 16 August 2013

Review | Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

While I don't have oily skin most of the time, my face gets rather sweaty (glamourous!) in the heat. So before I went off to LA this summer, I picked up this sample size of the Urban Decay setting spray I've heard so much about over the years. I think for this to work 100%, you're meant to put it on before and after your makeup and I almost never remember to actually do that. However, this does work pretty well! I definitely notice my makeup lasting longer, though not all night, when I apply it. I'm heading down to Anaheim starting tomorrow to work in Disneyland for the semester and I'll definitely want to pick up the full-sized bottle of this to use while I'm at work! x


  1. I've never tried a setting spray except for when I do theatre, but I feel like that might be what I am missing from my routine. I have loved all UD products I've tried, so I just might have to pick this up. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I use the De-Slick spray every single day and spray it before and after I put on my makeup. it is THE BEST product in my makeup bag!!! I'd finish the day and look like I was wearing nothing. My skin would just suck all the makeup up! Now I look relatively how I started the day looking! I'm SO happy I started using it!