Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Haul | Mac CCO Goodies!

When I was in Swindon a couple of weeks ago with some friends (don't ask), we went into the designer outlet mall near the Steam Museum. In there, we found what was essentially a CCO, or Cosmetic Company Outlet. In there, there were loads of discounted brands and old collections. I found three things from MAC and I was so excited! Especially for the Maleficent lipstick, as she is one of my favourite villains and I completely missed out on the Disney Villain MAC collection. There's were all under £10 each, which is very cheap for MAC in the UK!
Violetta lipstick / Hold That Pose Mineralized Eyeshadow / Lady Danger lipstick


  1. Hi!!! I've been searching for that MAC Maleficent Violetta lipstick EVERYWHERE here in the US, calling many of the CCO's here to see who has it and no one does! I know we don't personally know each other, but if there is ANY way at all you would be able to purchase two of them for me I would REALLY appreciate it!!!! I would send you the money first of course and cover the shipping cost to send it to me. Please, please please let me know if you're willing to! It would make me extremely happy.
    Please email me if you would do me the favor :)