Saturday, 9 March 2013

Review | MAC 'Let's Skate' & 'Vintage Selection' Paint Pots!

LEFT, Vintage Selection. RIGHT, Let's Skate.
Long have I been an avid lover of creme shadows. I was first introduced to them about four years ago through MAC's paint pots. Since then, I've branched out and tried others, but always love coming back to my beloved Painterly or Bare Study. In a recent collection, MAC put out about ten new (or re-promoted) shades, so I had to pick-up a couple.
I chose these two because I use creme shadows for every day looks and these are perfect base shades for 'looks' I do daily. The Vintage Selection I know is a re-promote that I have never had, but it reminded me of Benefit's RSVP which I believe is now discontinued. I've worn it almost every day since and I just love how it looks with MAC's Omega shadow in the crease (another favourite of mine). When I'm not wearing that one, it's 'Let's Skate.' While VS is a perfect every day all over shade, Let's Skate really brightens up the eyes and is such a pretty, shimmery shade that, on my pale skin, almost just give the lids a glimmer. It's almost like not wearing makeup, but still brightens and makes your eyes shine. They both are quite shimmery, so apologies if that is not your thing. I am a fan of matte, satin, shimmer, whatever, so these are definitely both staples in my collection now!
Sorry for the rushed post, but I'm off to meet some uni friends. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! x

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  1. Those are so lovely! I would love to get some, but unfortunately, I'm still the job-less high schooler :P Thanx for posting this though.