Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Holiday Candles

Just a couple of candles I have been burning now that the Christmas season has begun :)
  • Sainbury's Christmas Tree candle: cannot find online! But it smells just like a Christmas tree, promise!
  • Bath and Body Works' Tis The Season: "Fill your home with iconic fragrances of the season as golden apples, deep green pine and a touch of ground cinnamon blend to create a timeless and heartwarming scent."
  • Bath and Body Works' Twisted Peppermint: "Merry Mint-mas! Candy canes go wild with bright and merry notes of vanilla and sugary musk in this cheer-filled holiday fave."
They all smell fantastic and have been getting me through these last few weeks of uni madness. Cannot wait to be done for the year so that I can really get into the spirit! 

What have YOU been burning so far this season? x


  1. Ahhh, I love the twisted peppermint scent! I have been burning Winter Berry by illume, and christmas cookie from Yankee candle!

  2. Twisted Peppermint is one of my favorite scents ever. I work at Bath & Body Works and couldn't just be around it all day - I had to get almost everything it comes in...whoops! I also love the Cinnamon Frosting and White Barn #1 candles from Slatkin/Bath & Body.