Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Welcome to Kayley's Closet

Why hello there! If you're reading this, it is likely because you watch my videos over at kayleyscloset or possibly followed that tumblr. I decided that Blogger was just a better platform for beauty and fashion related blogging for a few reasons. Posts are easily lost on tumblr, it's not the best place to post text, and so on. So here we are! I will continue to use that blog to post my videos so that anyone who prefers to check tumblr than YouTube sees them, but all other posts will now be here. Just thought that I would put up a quick welcome post and say that I really hope that I can get into a blogging flow, as I cannot say I've ever been great at sticking to it! I have a few things in the works, including a recent beauty haul, gift guides, et cetera that I hope to post soon, so I will see you then! x

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