Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Top Tips | UNiDAYS

I made a video on my non-beauty channel, owlssayhooot, about studying abroad in the UK, particularly London. (For those who don't know, I studied abroad last year and then eventually decided to transfer to stay over here for my final two years of university.) Something I didn't really talk about was UNiDAYS. It basically compiles the list of stores with student discounts into one website. In addition, you can use referral links, such as mine right here, to share with your friends and get credit. I really love sites that have referral systems, because I'm always sharing new sites with my friends and the ability to get money from it makes it all the better. And you can do the same, so yay! Anyway, just wanted to do a quick post about that because I realised just after I filmed the video that I should have mentioned this. Hopefully you get use out of it! x

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